Welcome to the COS Online Learning Center


The Course of Study (COS) is a theological education program prescribed by the United Methodist Book of Discipline and offered by the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry. At this Course of Study Online Learning Center, you can complete many of the Course of Study courses online.


How to Register

  1. Select a term from the menu on the left. The courses offered in that term will be listed. Students may only enroll in one course per term.

    • Registration for May Term courses opens March 1

    • Registration for August Term courses opens June 1

    • Registration for January Term courses opens October 1

  2. When the list of courses offered in that term display, look through the list until you find the course you want. Be sure you have met any prerequisites and are available on any required online meeting dates.

  3. Click on course name to read more or click on the "Pre-register now" button for the course you want.

    • If this is the first time you have registered using this system, you will be asked to create an account.

    • If you have previously registered using this system, log in with your username and password.

  4. Fill in the form and submit it.

    You will need your PID #. If you don't have a PID #, please email cos@gbhem.org to request one.

  5. After you submit the registration form, you will receive an email confirmation that you have started the registration process. Your district superintendent and conference registrar will automatically receive email notes requesting their approval for you to take the course.

    • Failure to provide an accurate name and email address for these people will delay your registration. Providing a false email address will result in receiving no credit for the course.

    • If you discover you need to change the name or email address for your district superintendent or conference registrar, DO NOT register again. Simply email the new information to cos@gbhem.org so your registration can be updated and the email requesting approval can be re-sent to the correct person.

  6. After all the necessary approvals are received, you will receive an email note with a link to log in and pay for the course. Note: You are not registered until you have completed this process and paid for the course.

  7. After payment has been received and processed you will receive an email note with a link to the course for which you registered. You will be able to log into the Course of Study Moodle site, click on your course name, and read the syllabus overview and textbooks list. The full course will open on the first day of the term.

    Note: The registration fee for an online class is nonrefundable and nontransferable toward any other class.


Register for a Regional or Extension School

In order to take courses offered by the residential regional or extension schools, you must first register with the dean or program director of that specific COS program. For contact information for the residential schools, visit the Licensing & Course of Study Resources & Forms page.



  • COS courses are $350/course.
  • Advanced COS courses are $400/course.
  • Book costs are not included in these course fees.


Learning Online with Moodle

Courses meet online using the Moodle learning management system. You log into Moodle via a web browser. There is no software to download unless you want to use the mobile app on your mobile device. Some courses may include online meetings where you connect with your facilitator and colleagues via webcam and VOIP (audio through your computer using headphones and microphone) or telephone. Make sure you meet the Minimum Requirements for Online Learning Using Moodle before your course begins.

For questions or more information, contact the Course of Study Office at cos@gbhem.org.