Registration open: June 1 - July 20, 2021

Course dates: August 9 - October 17, 2021

Multiple Enrollments are not allowed! You may only take one course per term. If you have a question or a change for a current enrollment, please email Pamela Frost at If you have a current enrollment form active and you submit a new enrollment form, it will be cancelled.

Courses listed as ACOS are Advanced COS courses and cannot be taken until you have finished the Basic COS unless you are taking these as a supplement to a seminary degree or if you are transferring in from another denomination. These courses cannot be applied to your Basic COS requirements.

COS 124 requires prework. Click on course name for more information.

Courses we plan to offer for the Basic COS are:

121: Bible I

122: Theological Heritage I

123: Formation and Discipleship

124: Transformative Leadership

222: Theological Heritage II

321: Bible III

422: Theological Heritage IV

Courses we plan to offer for the Advanced COS are:

United Methodist History

United Methodist Polity

United Methodist Doctrine