January 2022 Term


Important Dates

  • Registration is open: October 1 - November 20, 2021
  • Course Dates: TBD



Multiple enrollments are not allowed. Students may only enroll in one (1) online course through GBHEM. If you are seeking a second online course, please contact your extension or regional school.

If you have a question or a change for a current enrollment, please email the COS registrar at cos@gbhem.org. If you have a current enrollment form active and you submit a new enrollment form, it will be cancelled.

Courses listed as ACOS are Advanced COS courses and cannot be taken until you have finished Course of Study (COS) courses unless (1) you are taking ACOS courses as a supplement to a seminary degree or (2) you are transferring to the UMC from another denomination. ACOS courses cannot be applied to your COS requirements.



COS 121 and COS 122 are prerequisites for enrollment in any other Course of Study courses.

COS 124 requires pre-work that must begin at least 3 weeks before the term begins.


Registration Fee

The registration fee for an online class is due upon submission of the registration form. It is nonrefundable and nontransferable toward any other class. A student will not receive a password to log into a class until General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) has received the registration fee and registration form with the required signatures of annual conference officials.


COS Courses

  • COS 121 - Bible I: Introduction
  • COS 122 - Theological Heritage I: Introduction
  • COS 123 - Formation and Discipleship
  • COS 124 - Transformative Leadership
  • COS 221 - Bible II: Torah and Israel's History
  • COS 222 - Theological Heritage II: Early Church
  • COS 224 - Polity and Administration
  • COS 322 - Herança Teológica III: Período Medieval E Reforma Protestante


Advanced COS Courses

  • UM History
  • UM Doctrine
  • UM Polity
  • Historia de la Iglesia Metodista Unida