This course forms the student’s identity as pastoral leader and change agent in congregations, The United Methodist Church, and the world.

Students will be able to:

  1. Identify and understand the attributes of good leaders, biblically and theologically.

  2. Evaluate and strengthen their own identities and skills as pastoral leaders.

  3. Explain and reflect on the nature of change in the local congregation and wider society.

  4. Implement visioning, strategizing, and planning processes in their local congregations.

COS 124 requires prework for the Effective Ministry 360 (EM360) process. The EM360 takes 8 weeks to complete and must be started before the upcoming term opens in order to be complete by the course midpoint. Please log into the course as soon as you complete your registration process to get started. Directions are in the course.

Requires prework. Click on course name for information.

Prerequisite: COS 121 & COS 122

13 seats available.
Price: $350.00