Technology requirements prior to registration in the COS 324 Preaching course include:

  1. High speed internet
  2. A personal computer or mobile device (i.e. smartphone or tablet)
  3. Webcam, speakers and a microphone for Zoom Conferencing.

To learn more about Zoom web conferencing requirements, visit Please confirm that the webcam, speakers and microphone purchased are compatible with your personal computer or mobile device. Zoom meetings will be scheduled with participants after the course begins. We hope you join with us in this new course format to learn new or enhanced capacities for ministry.

This course focuses on preaching the gospel from the Old and New Testaments.

Students will be able to:

  1. Articulate a theology of proclamation.
  2. Exegete a variety of biblical passages for preaching.
  3. Evaluate sermons for biblical integrity, theological soundness, internal logic, and delivery, and appropriate insights gained from the evaluation of their own sermons.
  4. Develop plans for ordering and delivering sermons in their congregational and communal context.

Zoom Meetings

Everyone is expected to log in and participate in each Zoom session.

WEEK 6 – June 22 @ 10 AM (ET) for 1½ hours

WEEK 7 – June 28 @ 10 AM (ET) for 1½ hours

WEEK 8 – Each meeting will be 2½ hours

  • July 6 @ 10 AM (ET) Group One Preaches
  • July 7 @ 10 AM (ET) Group Two Preaches

WEEK 9 – Each meeting will be 2½ hours

  • July 13 @ 10 AM (ET) Group Three Preaches
  • July 14 @ 10 AM (ET) Group Four Preaches

WEEK 10 – July 20 @10 AM (ET) for 1½ hours

Prerequisite: COS 121 & COS 122

This course has required Zoom meetings. Click on course name or "More info" link for dates and times.

2 seats available.
Price: $350.00